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The uEncode API allows users to send requests to our encoding platform to produce one or more outputs from a single source video. Each output can be a video or a frame capture.


This documentation is primarily for application developers who engineer web-enabled software products. It may also be of interest to those who manage such projects.

Change Log

A list of features added and changes made in this version.

Description Breaking* Notes
Multiple output destinations YES See release notes.
Timeout for source and destination locations. NO See <source>.
Digest authentication for HTTP locations. NO See <source>.
Max size for video and capture outputs. NO See <max_size>.
Rotation correction for video and capture outputs. NO See <fix_rotation>.
Force square pixels for video outputs. NO See <force_square_pixels>.
Retries for callbacks. NO See <callback>.
* This feature is substantially different from the previous version. If any feature is indicated as breaking, existing systems will need to be changed prior to upgrading to this version.

Release Notes

Multiple Output Destinations

This version includes the addition of multiple destination locations for each output. The new syntax is not backward-compatible with prior versions.

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